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AVM Super Dry Premium Adult Diapers

Super soft material that gives a smooth satin feel. Comfortable and adjustable frontal tape. 3D multi-layered pulp and SAP mixed core. Anti-bacterial odour control SAP. Enhanced absorbency and retention. Interior standing cuffs to ensure no leakages. Diamond embossed absorbent core. Wetness indicator.

  • Condition: Disposable.
  • Type: Briefs.
  • Waist Size: 48 to 68 inches.
  • Material Used: Fluff Pulp, Non Woven, PE Film.
  • Gender Specification: Unisex.

Usage Instructions

  • Fold diaper in to half with fastening panel downwards and position diaper between waist and hips.
  • Roll the user on the diaper and pull out the other side it, through the legs and lower stomach.
  • Keeping the user lied down, pull the tapes to the belly area and secure the bottom area. Fasten them with care.
  • To open and re-fasten tapes, peel off white tape, leaving the blue bottom tape affixed to the diaper front. Re-fasten by sticking the white tape back on to the blue tape.
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