Free from Incontinence

Kamal Healthcare is a proud, youngest member of the AVM Group of companies, in Thoothukudi. We are the manufacturer and the exporter of Medical Disposables and Hygiene Products like Adult Diapers, Underpads and Wee Pee Pads. We made a detailed market analysis and realized the importance of giving a product that truly speaks of its quality.

ISO Certified

AVM Super Dry Adult Diapers

Super soft material that gives a smooth satin feel. Comfortable and adjustable frontal tape. 3D multi-layered pulp and SAP mixed core. Anti-bacterial odour control SAP. Enhanced absorbency and retention. Interior standing cuffs to ensure no leakages. Diamond embossed absorbent core. Wetness indicator.

AVM Super Dry Multipurpose Underpads

Comes with Anti slip feature, Diamond pattern embossed absorbing channels and made with 100% untreated virgin fluff pulp. Anti bacterial SAP with odour control.

Hospifit Adult Diapers

Soft and unique 3D barbell shaped with Diamond embossed absorbent core with Interior standing Leg-cuffs and Wetness Indicator.

AVM Super Dry Premium Adult Diapers

3D multi-layered absorbent core. Wetness Indicator. Anti bacterial odour control. Latex Free.

Available in Medium, Large and X-Large sizes.

AVM Super Dry Protective Underwear

AVM Super Dry protective underwear is an ideal product for ambulatory patients with incontinence and features a superior soft, air breathable comfort material with tear-open sides for easy disposal.