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AVM SuperDry Premium Adult Diapers


  • Triple elastic combo tape fasteners
  • 3D Multi-layered pulp and SAP mixed core.
  • Diamond embossed absorbent core.
  • Absorption and distribution layer - ADL for maximum comfort.
  • Anti-bacterial odour control SAP.
  • Interior standing leg-cuffs.
  • Wetness Indicator

Usage Instructions

  • Fold diaper in to half with fastening panel downwards and position diaper in between waist and hips. Roll the user on the diaper and pull out the other side of it, through the legs and stomach.
  • Keeping the user lied down, pull the tapes to the belly area and secure the bottom area. Fasten them with care.
  • To reopen and re-fasten tapes, peel off white top tape, leaving the blue bottom tape affixed to the diaper front. Re-fasten by sticking the white tape back on to the blue tape.
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