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Tips to Control Incontinence

Urinary incontinence happens when the person lose control of his/her bladder. In some cases the bladder may empties its contents completely. In others, they might experience a minor leakage. The condition may be temporary or chronic, depending on its leakage.


Some of the causes lead to short term urinary incontinence while others might cause long term issues. Urinary Incontinence is caused in most of the women due to pregnancy and menopause. In common cases it is caused due to drinking too much of alcohol, neurological conditions and surgeries which include hysterectomy.

Kegels/ Pelvic Floor exercises

Kegels, is the practice of contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles. You may benefit from Kegels if you experience urine leakage from sneezing, laughing, jumping, or coughing, or have a strong urge to urinate just before losing a large amount of urine.


Squats engage the largest muscles in the body and have one of the largest payoffs in terms of strength improvement. When performing this fundamental move, ensure your form is solid before you add any resistance.


Yoga poses that help reduce incontinence are Utkatasana (Chair pose), Trikonasana (Triangle pose) and Malasana (Squat pose). All of these poses stretch your body, strengthen your pelvic floor and help your digestive system. You don’t need to hold the poses for long, but I you practice them for a while every day you will see good improvement.


Sesame seeds and cumin helps in regulating bladder function, while tulsi and retha in cases of frequent urination and amla clears and tones the bladder muscles. These are some Ayurvedic home remedy treatments that help in reducing incontinence and strengthen bladder muscles.

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What are the factors to consider while choosing a diaper?

The feeling of correct fit is more important in choosing what we wear. The factors that need to be noted while choosing adult diapers are fit, comfort, size, dependability, leak proof, odor resistant.


Size is one basic element in choosing diapers. To find the right size you have to measure the waist at its fullest point. Adults don’t grow immediately like kids do but they might face weight gain or lose due to some other problem. So if you see changes in their weight do measure them and get the right diaper. It causes discomfort to them to wear a diaper which is too small or too large for their body, this might cause diaper rash, unexpected leaks and unfortunate potty accidents.


No adult likes to wear ill-fitting, itchy or uncomfortable underwear. An ill-fitting diaper can cause a lot of stress and discomfort for seniors and their care takers. Our skin becomes sensitive when we grow old our skin becomes more sensitive. The material, chemicals and fit of the diaper can cause variety of issues like allergic reactions, and diaper rash. For this we should note the chemicals used to treat the diapers, and if they are scented, as the fragrances can be harmful as well.


Diapers are like underwear for seniors who suffer with incontinence. Diapers are worn throughout the day, mostly, and they have to be comfortable to wear. Many diaper companies today take into consideration how comfortable their diapers are to wear. Every person has a different body condition thus trying out various brands might help you understand which brand is more comfortable for them.


Another factor to take into account is how often they tend to use the bathroom. Adults who urinate frequently are prone to frequent diaper changes and getting rashes quickly if they are not changed quickly enough. Their care takers should choose diapers with high absorbency.


While safety and comfort are important, the cost of diapers is equally important for care takers to consider. Budget ultimately determines what type of diaper is being purchased before anything else. It is good to know the holding capacity of the seniors and the number of diapers they tend to use in a day before making a trip to the store, so you get to choose the right diaper. A good budget makes shopping for supplies easier.

AVM Adult Diaper produces its products with all these factors in mind, Because customer satisfaction is our No. 1 priority.

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General wellbeing Incontinence Tips

Herbs that help to reduce Incontinence

Did you know there are herbs that can help reduce Incontinence? India has the unique characteristic of having different well-acknowledged traditional systems of medicine, such as Ayurveda, Siddha, Yoga, and Naturopathy. We’ve made a list of herbs that help with Incontinence.

Small- flowered willow

Epilobium parviflorum is a perennial plant which is native to India, West Asia, North America, Britain and Europe. It is also known as evening prim rose. Traditionally this plant is used in treatment of prostate enlargement, kidney and bladder disorders, rectal bleeding, and urinary infections. It is proved to be helpful in treating urinary incontinence in both men and women. It can also be used as a cleansing and healing agent to treat minor burns, skin rashes and other irritations.


Agrimonia eupatoria is also a perennial flowering plant grown mostly in Western Asia, North Africa and Europe. The common names are भेराकुरो, hairy agrimony. It is used for treating irritations and infections of the intestinal tract, gall bladder diseases, hyperacidity, colic, urinary disorders (bedwetting, incontinence). The ethanolic extracts of the herb is used for their antiviral properties. It is also used in the treatment of tuberculosis and also resists streptomycin and p-aminosalicylate. Agrimony is also used to cure diabetes and digestive issues.

Nux vomica

Strychnos nux-vomica is a tropical plant grown in an altitude of 360 meter. It is commonly known as எட்டிக்காய், जहर, and poison nut. The seeds are used in emotional disorders and for treating nocturnal incontinence and as an antidote for alcoholism. Root is use to treat intermittent fevers. The paste obtained from the seeds is applied for treating facial paralysis. The leaves has anti-ulcer properties and detoxified seeds are used in treatment of sciatica and impotency.


Rhus parviflora grows in the Dry hot slopes of the Himalayas from Punjab to Nepal and in the hills of Madhya Pradesh and South India. It is commonly known as Sumac, திண்டிக்காய். The root and the bark is used for irritable bladder, bed-wetting and urinary incontinence. Sweet tintidika is used for its anti-diabetic activity. Smooth tintidika is astringent and diuretic. It is also given to patients suffering from alcoholism, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea and lack of appetite.

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The Retirement Taboo

Most elderly people have the fear of retired life. They mainly fear because of the loss of independence, declining health, loneliness, death of a family member, inability to manage their own activities, not being able to drive. Retirement is the stage of sunset or the golden period in the life of a person. Spending time with loved ones can wash out all the fears. If your parents are nearing retirement just help them plan it efficiently.

Some activities to plan up for retirement

Travel out of your corner

If try to see something from the corner of your eye you see it but not completely. By all means to take a look at the wider expanse in front of you. Workout the vacation plans that you postponed. It will help you to also spend some quality time with your family.

Gardens are best to opt for

Indoor gardening can help to improve your health and mood. Small indoor plants or terrarium can be grown by everyone with little care. Some plants that can be grown are peace lily, spider plant, aloe vera and elephant ear. You can also take a step further and maintain bonsai trees like banyan and neem, which needs more care.

Become a tutor

Tutoring stuff you know is good way to keep you updated. Communicating and getting to interact with young people can help you to feel younger. There are many jobs that can be pursued through online. Pick the right one and begin to enrich minds.

Write a book

Feel free to share the experiences and the knowledge you acquired in your life and in your work through a book. There are many young mind waiting up there to gather knowledge through good books.

Get in the best shape

Exercise can be a good pass time join yoga groups or community circle who meet up in the park for meditation. Doing some good exercise can always keep you healthy.

Spend time with grand kids

Why hold back? Your grand children are waiting to listen to all your stories. Of course you can take a walk with them and plan picnics to your nearby parks fly kites and even do slow jogging. Spending time with your grand kids boosts your health.


Birds are cute little creatures. Their little chirps helps in relaxing your minds. Bird watching is an interesting hobby to pursue. You can watch out for the different birds that pass by in your surroundings. And take notes of their beauty or even sketch them. You can always be on the lookout for bluethroat, black winged stilt and Jacobin cuckoo in the summers and pacific golden plover, wag tails and starlings in winter.


Find a cause that you’re passionate about. For example if you love teaching then you can obviously volunteer at schools to teach kids craft. Volunteering will not only keep you busy but it also helps to have a satisfaction of doing something good.

Summer camps

You are wondering what seniors can do at summer camps. There’s a lot to do indeed. Boot camps can be interesting if you are a foodie. If you can play an instrument then band camps is the right choice for you. Who wants to miss the chance of camp fires, sing-along, swimming in the wild, sleep over in the woods and many more to explore check out for the camps that are organized

General wellbeing Incontinence Tips

7 Tips in dealing with Incontinence Effectively

Eat the right kind of healthy food


Citrus fruits, Acidic & Spicy food as they can irritate the bladder


Fibers, Proteins and bladder friendly fruits like pear, blueberries, avocados.

Do drink lots of water

It’s natural to want to drink less water when you deal with urinary incontinence but avoid drinking fluids will make it worse. Because it reduces your bladder’s capacity. Not drinking enough fluid can also cause constipation or make it worse.

A big no to Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine

Caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol irritate the bladder so avoiding them can greatly reduce the symptoms.

Pelvic floor exercises

Pelvic floor exercises can help strengthen some of the muscles that control the flow of urine. And these exercises can be done when you are at home or away from home.

Maintain a healthy weight

Extra body fat puts strain on pelvic muscles. Lose weight slowly and sensibly with healthy food and regular exercise.

Only use bathroom when needed

Use the toilet to urinate only when your bladder is full. Don’t make it a habit of trying to urinate “just in case” you’ll signal your bladder to signal the urge to urinate when it isn’t full.

Treat Constipation

Treat laxatives as a short term solution and work on treating constipation with change in your diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.

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How Can You Support and Show Love to Your Grandparents?

‘ Mommy can you tell me a story ? Daddy please can you tell me a story? ‘ This is how you pesterd your parents when you were a kid. ‘ I’ll tell you a story. Run and come to me ! ‘ said the voice of your grandpa or your grandma. From being story tellers , parents , teachers , best friends there isn’t a role that your grandparents haven’t played. From building a family of love , to teaching traditions and values and finally becoming a role model grandparents make a great impact in all of our lives. The kisses and hugs , the love and compassion they pour on their grandchildren has no bounds.

As they say old people are grown babies , they find an attachment to their grandchildren. As parents they get immense joy when they get their hands on their baby. They travel down the path of parenthood and grow their children with utmost care and affection. By the time they have a grandchild the whole process of parenting is replayed. From being parents , they become grandparents holding that bundle of joy all over again. It’s like they get a second opportunity to start fresh and they do it with heart melting love and affection. You won’t understand their importance , until when they step in when a child is ill or a grandchild is born.

So now it’s time for payback. Being grandchildren show how much you love your grandparents through your actions.

• RESPECT THEIR EXPERIENCE : Grandparents talk about their journey in life – the triumphs and failures they faced. Do not take them for granted. Know that they are your life’s greatest lessons.

• DON’T COMPLAIN : Remember the old days when they got you everything you pointed at , unlike your parents? With the same compassion carry out the duties of a grandchild without complaining.

• CALL FREQUENTLY : As grandparents tend to take certain medical treatments they may get worried about their health issues. Talking to their grandchildren will be a perfect medicine for them at this time. Offer a listening ear , talk to them , laugh and play with them.

• BE SUPPORTIVE : As grandchildren it’s your duty to help them out and be supportive. Discuss what happened at school / work. Ask them their opinions. Listen when they speak without interrupting. Tell how much you love them and care for them.

• STOP CRITICIZING : Grandchildren usually tend to mock their grandparents that they are old school and don’t understand the ways of the world. You should stop it and respect them not only for their age but also for the role they have played in your life. Even if you can’t accept what they tell you at least don’t judge / criticize.

• REPAY THEM : By repaying it doesn’t mean repaying with money. Did they charge you with money for taking care of you? For growing you ? Repay them with small acts of kindness if not huge sacrifices.

• CLOSE BY OR FAR AWAY : All of us don’t get to stay with grandparents. It doesn’t matter if you are with them or away from them. Always make it a point to visit them , stay with them , spend time with them. Accompany them during their morning walks and shopping.

• FULFILL THEIR WISHES : Grandparents would have made huge sacrifices in their lives. From being a parent and growing their children to becoming a grandparent to look after their grandchildren they have given up a lot. So let them live their life a bit. Ask them their dreams and wishes and try your best to make them true.

• DON’T ABANDON THEM : One of the most pain causing actions is abandoning our grandparents during their old age. When and how did all the love and caring for , turn into dislike and hatred. Why does their voice sound annoying all of a sudden? This is one big mistake that children and grandchildren tend to make. Instead they should look back and relish all the sweet moments and make a promise that they will never abandon and let their grandparents alone.

A close relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is the purest form relationship. The bond that they create becomes unbreakable. Nothing should alter the love between them. They should be ready to fight storms for each other.


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Incontinence Tips

Food To Eat and Avoid For Incontinence

Incontinence can be controlled with regular exercise and diet in certain cases. Here are a few tips on what foods should be taken and what to avoid to reduce incontinence.

Foods to be added in your diet chart


Increasing daily fiber intake helps in reducing constipation. Constipation can increase urinary incontinence. Fiber therapy is a non-invasive treatment that can help reduce incontinence. Intake of more fibrous food helps the muscles to regain strength. Some fiber rich foods are brown rice, oat meal, raw vegetables and beans.


Proteins deal with certain inflammatory mechanisms in our body. Protein like fish and shellfish plays an efficient role in reducing stress incontinence.


Fruits rich in vitamins, including non-acidic fruits and vegetables help in maintaining a healthy bladder. Fruits like bananas, apples, coconut, watermelon and vegetables like broccoli, carrot, cucumber, peas and cabbage can be good for incontinent diet, as many of them help in raising the fiber count.

Vitamin –D

Pelvic disorders in women including incontinence can be controlled by proper consumption of vitamin-D. Vitamin-D is present in the bladder and in the striated muscle of the pelvic floor muscles. Therefore,

Foods to be avoided


High levels of caffeine increases urinary continence. Evidences reveal that caffeine has diuretic effect. Instead of high caffeinated drinks they may prefer to diluted juice and herbal tea which helps reduce incontinence but may improve the symptoms of urgency.


Alcohol increases the urge to urinate. It is also likely to cause worse symptoms for people suffering from incontinence. Completely avoiding alcohol can improve the symptoms.

Citrus fruits

Fruits are a part of a healthy diet but citrus fruits cause bladder irritation. It causes painful urination in most cases and also the amount of citric acid present in them can worsen bladder control.


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Incontinence Tips

Yoga For Incontinence

Yoga literally means Union; it is a unique way to train our body mentally, physically and spiritually. It helps to bring balance in our life and channelize the energy in the right direction. Yoga also enhances our immunity which makes us healthy, thereby making us confident. It not only makes us mentally strong but also physically fit. There are plenty of videos in YouTube to get started with.

Senior people consider themselves unfit for doing exercise, as they age their need for physical exertion becomes idle. They forget that for a healthy life style incorporating in possible exercises like stretching and yoga plays an important role.

Yoga is a good exercise for all age groups, predominantly it helps elderly people to hold back the effects of ageing like muscle softness and flexibility, keeping the mind alert and awake, and it encourages relaxation and strengthening muscles and joints. Maintaining a strong mind and healthy body is important to reduce the many effects of ageing.

The yoga poses that helps reduce incontinence are utkatasana, trikonasana and malasana.

Utkatasana (Chair Pose)

Utkata means “powerful”. It is considered as the powerful pose because it has a massive effect on your thighs and it gets your heart pumping quickly. Utkatasana is an essential component of sun salutations. To do utkatasana first you should stand in tadansana. Inhale while raising your arms perpendicular to the floor and exhale when squatting.

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Trikona means “triangle”.  This helps in stretching and opening the hips, groins, hamstrings, calves, shoulders, chest and spine. It improves digestion and also helps reduce anxiety, stress, back pain and sciatica To do trikonasana stand straight with your legs apart inhale deeply and as you exhale bend your body downward from the hips, keeping the waist straight allowing your left hand to come up in the air and remember that your hands are straight while your right hand reaches the right foot.

Malasana (Garland Pose)

Mala means “garland”. This is also known as the yogi squat. This pose helps boost metabolism, improves posture and increases flexibility. Stand with your feet apart then bend your knees until your hips are lower than your knees then bring your hands palm to palm and place your elbows at the inner knee.  All these poses help to stretch your body and strengthen your pelvic floor and help improve digestive system. It is always good to consult a medical professional if you are worried about exercises. A little bit of yoga everyday helps improve your immune. Let’s join together and practice yoga with our family this 2020.